AC420 (Refurbished)


This baby sound monitor system offers great peace of mind for every parent who wants a basic but fully functional monitor in the nursery. You will be able to hear every sound baby makes on your Parent Unit. It also features a soft and soothing night light for your nursery.

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  • Crystal clear – enhanced transmission and reception
  • 8 Digital Channels can be manually selected to eliminate any interference
  • Soft and comforting halo night light
  • Easy to see and read colour LCD digital display on parents unit
  • Temperature display control
  • Portable and rechargeable parent unit with handy integrated belt clip
  • Automatically reverts to batteries in case of power failure – includes low battery indicator
  • Voice activated or continuous sound transmission – user selectable
  • Up to 250m range includes out of range indicator
  • 5 sound volume levels